Vendée Beaches

Vendée Beaches

La Fermette is less than an hour away from the beautiful Vendée coastline and its beaches. The Vendée is justifiably proud of its beaches. Most have achieved the blue flag for cleanliness and are typically gently sloping with fine golden sand. There are also many water sports on offer. You can check out this coastline and its towns and beaches here.

The closest beaches to La Fermette (and therefore our particular favourites) are:


La Tranche sur Mer

In the far south of the Vendée is the popular seaside resort of La Tranche sur Mer, it has 13 kilometres of beach which follows on from the beaches of La Faute-sur-mer in an almost endless line, 8 kilometres of which are south facing. La Tranche sur Mer has some of the cleanest beaches on the Atlantic coast, and they regularly receive blue flag status. The beaches closest to the town are ideal for children and are gently sloping with protected waters; they also have the bonus of having every amenity close by. The shops, restaurants and cafés are all close to the beach, so if you need a spare beach ball or an ice cream you won’t have far to go.

La Tranche sur Mer is a Mecca for water sports, whether your penchant is wind-surfing, sailing or something more extreme the nautical centre is the place to head for. The best breaks for the surfer are just north of the town around the lighthouse and beyond, and the Atlantic breakers offering something to the novice and seasoned surfer alike.



Beach at Bourgenay

At Port Bourgenay there is no beach, but the rock pools are good and the marina with its waterside cafes and restaurants is a very pleasant and interesting place to wander around and perhaps do a spot of fishing from the breakwater. There is also a good golf course just behind the port where you can play a round and hire clubs if you have not brought your own. The main attraction however is the beach at Veillon, just south of the town.  North of the port at Bourgenay all the way to the Point de Tanchette the coastline is dominated by low rocky cliffs with just the occasional small patch of sandy or shingle beach mainly around the ‘Ans de Coyola’. Though not a true beach-lovers paradise it is a very attractive area with great walks, spectacular views and a feeling of being at one with nature. It is an area where you can find peace and tranquillity before the more commercial beaches just a few kilometres to the north.

Longeville sur Mer

Sunset, Longeville sur Mer

The Commune of Longeville-sur-Mer controls a large section of beaches that starts just afterLa Terriereand includes the beaches at Les Conches and Le Rocher, despite its name the village of Longville-sur-Mer is in fact some way from the sea. There are in fact 17 entrances to the beaches of the Commune of Longville-sur-Mer, some have names as in Les Conches and Le Rocher whereas others just have numbers. La Plage du Bouil continues on from the rocky patch just north of Le Rocher beach it has a good amount of sand with an entrance for pleasure boats.
On the north end at access No1 is Le Goulet beach which has surveillance during the season as well as a ramp for launching pleasure craft. It is the most northerly beach on this stretch of the Commune of Longville-sur-Mer. The beaches are reached through a forest road off the D105 north of the Le Rocher turn off which takes you towards St. Vincent-sur-Jard. These beaches are quieter, asthe area is made up mostly of modern residential properties within the forest, with a few holiday camps nearby.


L’Aiguillon sur Mer


L’Aiguillon on the east side of the River Lay is at the very bottom of the Vendée, and has attracted beach lovers for more than a century. The beaches in the town of l’Aiguillon-sur-Mer are based around 2 man-made lakes and although not natural, they are extremely high quality, making a very safe environment for children to swim and parents to relax. There is a wide expanse of sands with a safe shallow children’s swimming area which is clearly marked out. Because it is a man-made environment, and with typical Gallic style, the beach has been developed with families in mind. It has all the facilities to hand such as toilets, cafés, restaurants and a children’s play area. The lakes provide all manner of water sports, and there is ample parking.

There are natural beaches at Aiguillon-sur-Mer, these are to be found on the Pointe de l’Aiguillon  on the eastern shore of the River Lay, it terminates in the Baie de l’Aiguillon. L’Aiguillon-sur-Mer is the French capital of the Mussel industry with over 20% of the nations production being cultivated in the estuary of the River Lay and the Baie de l’Aiguillon. It is therefore an ideal place to buy fresh mussels and there are several excellent restaurants where these delicious crustaceans can be sampled.